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  • Feedback Why not tell timeanddate.com what you think of our site? It's a guaranteed way to let us know what our readers want.
  • Advertising Discover what we can offer you with our advertising opportunities, especially if you're trying to sell a product or service.
  • Contact information If you don't have access to email or need to send information through the post, you can contact us via post or fax.

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  • Link policy Have you thought about linking to our website but you're not sure what our policies are? Get your answer from our Link policy page.
  • Linking to The World Clock Linking from your website to the World Clock has never been easier with our easy-to-follow tips and tricks.
  • Linking to The Calendar Find out more about how you can make a link to different types of calendars from our site.
  • Logo use and download Get all the information you need on using timeanddate.com's logo and favicon.

Who made this site?

  • Time and Date AS Learn more about the company behind this website. Who are we and what do we do?
  • Work for Time and Date ASAre you interested in freelancing as a journalist, or in other areas such as translations? See what timeanddate.com has to offer you.
  • Credits timeanddate.com wishes to thank and give credit to those who have helped, including providers of tools and sources that were used to make this site.

Terms of use

  • Privacy Statement Discover how timeanddate.com is committed to your privacy when you visit this website.
  • Copyright notice This site is copyrighted so you may not copy material to your own pages without permission.
  • Disclaimer You use this site on your own risk and timeanddate.com is not liable for any errors on the site.


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  • All the Time in the World Each newsletter includes an excerpt and link to an article that is part of All the Time in the World, written by guest writer Allan Eastman.
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