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Calendars, holidays and date calculators


Yearly Calendar

This calendar enables you to see the calendar one-year-at-a-time for many countries, in past, present and future years.

Monthly Calendar

This calendar shows one month at a time only.

Calendar Generator

Select how you want to present the calendar using this tool.

Holidays and Observances

Holiday background information

About holidays in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia

April Fool's Day

Friday the 13th


Duration Calculator

Calculate the number days it is between any two dates.

Date Calculator

Want to find what time and date it is in 500 days or 5000 hours from now?

Birthday Calculator

Find out when you are 10000 days old or maybe 1 billion seconds old?

Uses for the Date Calculators

See what the calculators can do – with examples.

Moon Phase Calculator

Find phases of the Moon for any year.

Leap Year Information

When is the Next Leap Year?

Why are Leap Years Used?

Leap Year in Other Calendars

Leap Day – February 29

About the history, tradition and folklore of Leap Day.

February 30 Was a Real Date

In Sweden and Russia, February 30 has actually occurred.
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