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Time left until year 2012 around the world

Below is a list of New Year countdowns for places around the world. It shows when the clocks turn to midnight on January 1st, year 2012.

The cities can be clicked on for a countdown for that specific city.

Countries partly or
fully affected
Example citiesTime left
days HH:MM:SS
Samoa, Tokelau and KiribatiLINTKiritimati, Apia-1969 days, 09:25:13
New ZealandCHADTChatham Islands-1969 days, 09:10:13
New Zealand and 4 moreNZDTAuckland, Suva, Wellington, Nukualofa-1969 days, 08:25:13
Russia, Marshall Islands and 5 moreANATAnadyr, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Funafuti, Yaren-1969 days, 07:25:13
Norfolk IslandNFTKingston-1969 days, 06:55:13
Australia and 6 moreEDTMelbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Vladivostok-1969 days, 06:25:13
AustraliaCDTAdelaide-1969 days, 05:55:13
Australia and 5 moreESTBrisbane, Guam (Hagåtña), Port Moresby, Saipan-1969 days, 05:25:13
AustraliaCSTDarwin-1969 days, 04:55:13
Japan and 6 moreJSTTokyo, Seoul, Pyongyang, Jayapura-1969 days, 04:25:13
AustraliaCWSTEucla-1969 days, 04:10:13
China and 11 moreCSTBeijing, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore-1969 days, 03:25:13
Indonesia and 7 moreWIBJakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi, Phnom Penh-1969 days, 02:25:13
Myanmar and Cocos IslandsMMTYangon, Bantam-1969 days, 01:55:13
Bangladesh, Russia and 4 moreBSTDhaka, Almaty, Ufa, Perm-1969 days, 01:25:13
NepalNPTKathmandu, Pokhara-1969 days, 01:10:13
India and Sri LankaISTNew Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Colombo-1969 days, 00:55:13
Pakistan, Kazakhstan and 6 moreUZTTashkent, Islamabad, Dushanbe, Ashgabat-1969 days, 00:25:13
AfghanistanAFTKabul, Kandahar-1968 days, 23:55:13
Russia, United Arab Emirates and 7 moreMSDMoscow, Abu Dhabi, Murmansk, Muscat-1968 days, 23:25:13
IranIRSTTehran, Esfahãn, Mashhad, Tabriz-1968 days, 22:55:13
Iraq and 19 moreASTBaghdad, Khartoum, Nairobi, Aden-1968 days, 22:25:13
Greece, Israel and 29 moreEETCairo, Ankara, Athens, Bucharest-1968 days, 21:25:13
Germany and 43 moreCETBrussels, Madrid, Paris, Rome-1968 days, 20:25:13
United Kingdom and 24 moreGMTLondon, Casablanca, Dublin, Lisbon-1968 days, 19:25:13
Cape Verde, Greenland and PortugalAZOTAzores, Praia, Ittoqqortoormiit-1968 days, 18:25:13
Brazil and 2 moreBRSTBrasilia, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador-1968 days, 17:25:13
Argentina, Brazil and 7 moreARTBuenos Aires, Santiago, Asuncion, Paramaribo-1968 days, 16:25:13
CanadaNSTSt. John's-1968 days, 15:55:13
Canada and 24 moreBOTLa Paz, San Juan, Santo Domingo, Halifax-1968 days, 15:25:13
VenezuelaVETCaracas, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Maracay-1968 days, 14:55:13
U.S.A., Canada and 11 moreESTNew York, Washington DC, Havana, Lima-1968 days, 14:25:13
U.S.A., Canada and 8 moreCSTMexico City, Chicago, Guatemala, Managua-1968 days, 13:25:13
U.S.A., Canada and MexicoMSTEdmonton, Boise, Calgary, Denver-1968 days, 12:25:13
U.S.A., Canada and 2 morePSTLos Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Mexicali-1968 days, 11:25:13
U.S.A. and French PolynesiaAKSTAnchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Nome-1968 days, 10:25:13
FranceMARTTaiohae-1968 days, 09:55:13
U.S.A., France and Cook IslandsHASTHonolulu, Papeete, Rarotonga, Adak-1968 days, 09:25:13
American Samoa, U.S.A. and NiueNUTAlofi, Pago Pago, Midway-1968 days, 08:25:13

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The above table shows the remaining time until New Year 2012 in time zones all over the world. Click on any city to show a single countdown counter for that city.

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